Around 50 years ago Abu Dhabi was nothing but a fishing village with 300 palm huts and a few coral buildings in the vast Empty Quarter desert โ€“ a single glimpse at the Manhattan-like skyline of the UAE capital makes the aforementioned hard to imagine. Everything from the grandiose architecture of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the exhilarating attractions like the indoor theme park Ferrari World Abu Dhabi or the Arabian wildlife park hosting more than 10000 free roaming animals on the Sir Bani Yas Island would lead us to believe that Abu Dhabi is a land of wonder, where tradition and cosmopolite sophistication blend perfectly together, creating a special liaison between the past and the present. Though the extreme heat forced me to spend most of the time around the hotel, skipping someย of ย Abu Dhabi‘s main attractions, here are some pictures from my trip to this land of eternal summer.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Inside Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Inside Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The first time I had camel burger

Gold ATM



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