Sometimes there’s nothing harder than sharing our thoughts to the world – doesn’t matter if it’s about confessing your eternal love to your significant other or just expressing your mood on a Monday morning, when you’d rather sleep for a few more hours instead of spending an annoying morning at work. If what you’re searching is someone (or something) to do the talking for you in a funny/fashion-forward way, go for a message-printed top, ready to spread your thoughts to the world, without you having to actually deal with the consequences. I selected ten of my favorites message printed tops that will help you showcase your free-spirit, whenever you feel like it.

ASHISH, Sequinned Bisous Top


HOUSE OF HOLLAND, Round neck sweater


MANGO, Printed message t-shirt

MOSCHINO CHEAP AND CHIC, Printed cropped sweatshirt

MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Printed cotton-jersey sweatshirt



PHILLIP PLEIN, ‘Your Money’ T-shirt


DOLCE & GABBANA, Drawings print top

MOSCHINO, Sequined crepe de chine top


LANVIN, I Love You appliqué sweatshirt

ASHISH, Hello Buoys embellished cotton-blend jersey sweatshirt

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