Going to the salon to get a haircut is almost like paying a visit to the dentist: painful, stressful, overwhelming…therefore I do anything humanly possible to avoid it as much as I can. It may take even three months to consider stopping by the salon and when the miracle finally happens, I instruct my hairdresser to cut maximum an inch or two from the edges. No invisible layers, long bob, or asymmetric bangs – my hairstyle is the same since forever: straight and sleek.  Even though I am usually happy with the way things stand, there are times when I look in the mirror and I wonder how I’d look with a different hairstyle–something extreme, like going from long to short or adding some cool bangs to my current look – then again, two minutes later I change my mind. Searching for a way to experiment a change of look without permanently altering my style, I turned to a popular alternative: hair extensions and even wigs made of natural hair.

My go-to source for high quality wholesale hair is, a reliable manufacturer supplying

wholesale virgin hair, Remy hair or human hair products such as weave, clip-in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, tape hair extensions and lace wigs.

Less popular than their siblings, still featuring lots of benefits, the lace wigs are a great way to try out a new hairstyle or a new color with no commitment and no worries about future damage or about not liking the result. Plus, wearing a wig gives you the opportunity to get nicer, thicker hair than you’ve EVER imagined – not to mention the low maintenance and the damage free factor that come along.

Completely conquered buy the myriad of wholesale wigs found on, I selected a few of the most natural styles that promise to earn us rounds of applause every time we wear them.

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