Rice – one of the most important food grains, consumed on a daily basis by more than half of the world’s population; still, asides its valuable nutritional benefits rice is said to be a staple in the Japanese women beauty rut. For years, female rice farmers from Southeast Asia bathed in the water they used to clean the rice.

Rice water, the water left after washing off the rice in preparation for eating, contains important nutrients that help rejuvenate the skin, brightening it and making the age spots fade. It’s packed with moisturizing and antioxidant properties that help improve circulation, reducing inflammation and nourishing the skin.

Here’s a beyond easy rice water recipe for daily use:

What you need:

½ uncooked rice (the type is not important)

2 cups water

Rinse the rice, then place it in a pot, covering with water. Soak it for about 20 minutes, swirling occasionally. Move the water into a clean bowl and use it on your skin.


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