If only we would need one more proof of fashion’s cyclical nature – the bum bag, one of the 90’s most popular accessories is making a fuss in the collections of some of the hottest Fashion Houses. Spotted on the runways @Alexander Wang, Celine and even Chanel Couture, this low-maintenance waist-hugger is taking the streets this season, stealing the hearts of some of the most popular street-style gurus. Though the only interaction I ever had with the bum bags was in the late 90’s, when as a kid I was deeply caught in the Sex and the City style frenzy – couldn’t get over Carrie’s Gucci logo bum bag – I wouldn’t mind introducing the updated version of the style into my wardrobe. As an inspiration, I gathered together a few then-and now pictures where the bum bag steals the focus.



Alexander Wang






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