Throughout history rose water has been presented as a miraculous potion, with different beneficial uses in medication, beauty, nutrition and  in the perfume industry.  Remarkably versatile, this highly prized woman’s weapon is currently playing an important role in most of our skincare and hair care regimens.

Here are some of the most important benefits of rose water, along with a few tips on how to take advantage of this fountain of youth without leaving the comfort of your house.

1.With anti-inflammatory properties, rose water is known to reduce the redness of irritated skin, working against the acne and eczema.

2. Packed with antibacterial features, rose water is the perfect ally in healing scars and wounds.

3. The antioxidant properties help rose water become a great anti-wrinkle agent, strengthening skin cells and regenerating tissues

4. Rose water stimulates the circulation of tiny blood vessels, reducing the appearance of broken capillaries

5. A great tonner, rose water helps clearing all the impurities the face has accumulated through the day, restoring the complexion’s natural healthy glow

6. A great make-up base, rose water can be spritzed on your face after make-up, to keep your face fresh and radiant (avoid the eyes area unless you’re using waterproof mascara)

7. Rose water can be used as a cleanser as well, by mixing 1 tbsp. of the miraculous substance with a few drops of glycerine

8.A great way to keep dark circles at bay, rose water reduces puffiness and redness around the eyes. Just soak a cotton pad in rose water, leaving it on your eyes for 1 minute

How to make your own rose water:

1 cup fresh rose petals

1 ½ cup fresh water

Place the rose petals in a pot, pouring water over them. Cover the pot with a lid. Leave it for 10 minutes under very low heat (be careful not to boil). Once done, pour the content in a clean jar, placing it in the fridge once it’s completely cold.


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