3:05 PM – how do I know it? Because every day, around the same time I take a glance at my desktop’s clock, counting the hours that passed since lunch – in this case, exactly one hour – you would think that a main dish + dessert would be more than enough to keep one’s thoughts away from a snack, but in my case, no matter when I took lunch, if I took it and how consistent it was, between three and four PM I feel the urge of a snack – preferably a chocolate peanut bar, some potato chips or, in worst case scenario, a cupcake – fruits and nuts are currently black-listed. Wanting to find out if my current snack choices are somehow related to my psyche and not only to my taste buds, I dig into the subject, correlating in my own way the different personality types and their snack preferences.



YOU LOVE: Anything crunchy, from roasted almonds to peanuts and fresh walnuts

YOU ARE: Lively and energetic, but also a spotlight-stealer every time you get the chance. You are a novelty seeker – honey-dijon almonds? BOARING – and thrive in the world of abstract concepts.  The day-to-day routine is something you never want to deal with; after all, the world is just like a bag of mixed flavor almonds – you don’t know which one you like till you try them all.



YOU LOVE: Dried fruits are your thing: apricots, mango, raisins, who cares as long as they’re chewy?

YOU ARE:  Contemplative and over thoughtful, you tend to base your decisions on logic rather than emotions. You’re trying too much to please others – always oscillating between what’s right (fruits= fashionably healthy) and what you’d really want (sugary, bring it on). Don’t mind what the others think about you; find your own identity even if it means dealing with the judgemental looks of the acai bowl eater across the table.



YOU LOVE: Sweets.

YOU ARE: The rebel of them all – nothing compares to a Godiva Gold Ballotin after half a day of hustle and bustle at the office. Determined to enjoy the best in life no matter the cost, you laugh in the face of the green juicers – be careful as they might too laugh in your face once you step on that counter!



YOU LOVE:  Pretzel sticks, potato chips and crackers are your thing

YOU ARE: A tradition embracer, you go for what you’re used to, rather than letting yourself manipulated by good marketing – no flavored almonds for you. Ongoing and trustful, you’re often the life of the party – your inbox is always full of invites due to your friendly nature.



YOU LOVE: Peaches, grapes, all kinds of juicy fruits

YOU ARE: As the rest of us might be pretending to love healthy snacks just for the sake of being on-trend, you’ve actually managed to pass the three months fruit-snack phase, no chocolate bar in between. As a juicy peach, you can easily be described in a word: integrity. However, your moral high ground can alienate the others, so try some dried fruits for a while – promise, it won’t hurt.





YOU LOVE: Anything that doesn’t taste like chia seeds… or kale… or quinoa

YOU ARE: Probably starving after having a kale salad and seven roasted nuts for lunch.  As much as you’d try to do the right thing, something always seems to stand in your way – something like your hungry stomach for instance. Stop blaming yourself for that slice of cheesy-wonder, you’ll have a green juice in the morning…by tomorrow, this culinary riot will be forgotten.


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